Immune System Healing Herbs 

Immune system healing herbs - Rosemary Tea

Here I would like to share with you my favorite immune system healing herbs. Why we sometimes need herbs? There are times when relying on excellent food quality to get your immune function back in order is not enough, and that is where healing herbs to boost the immune system is a wise strategy to add. 

All the herbs I am going to share in this article are based on my personal research of master herbalists by reading their books and the scientific references these books include. And then me experimenting with these herbs. By trying one herb at a time to see how my body is positively reacting to them or not. 

As far as adverse effects, I have seen and felt none. From reading and researching about natural healing herbs, I came to understand they are much safer than pharmaceutical drugs with really little or no comparison. 

Herbs have been used for thousands of years throughout human history by shamans and medicine men and women, so healing herbs are an integral part of human remedies and health. It is only recently where the modern medicine and pharmaceutical companies started creating isolated or single chemicals from plants and patent them for monopoly (and, of course, profit) that people forgot about medicinal healing herbs.   

When I started taking herbs several years ago, I was following some of the dosage recommendations that I have based on my research and what some master herbalists suggested. Although they had the best intention and probably these dosages worked for many of their clients however not everyone will respond to the same amount of dosage.

Some individuals might need a bit more for the herb to be useful and some might need less. In my case, I needed to increase the herb tincture twice before I felt the positive effect. At the same time, not everything is more mean better, so you need to be cautious about that after all, you are trying to enhance your immune system and not the opposite

We Are All Different when Using Immune System Healing Herbs

So as we are all different individuals, every one of us probably has different reactions and results. Therefore, you need first to consult with your qualified health practitioner; next, do the sensitivity test by taking the tiny amount to see if your body has an intolerance or adverse reaction. If everything is fine, then start gradually regarding dosage then increase to the recommended dosage, And finally, always listen to your body to see what is working for you and what is not.

My Favorite Immune System Healing Herbs

Here are my favorite immune system healing herbs to boost the immune, and you can read more about them in my other articles:

  1. Reishi
  2. Astragalus
  3. Turmeric
  4. Rhodiola
  5. Chaga
  6. Eleuthero Root /Siberian Ginseng
  7. Ashwagandha 
  8. Schizandra
  9. Pine Pollen

And if you are interested I have written about some basic herb preparation where I show you different methods of how to prepare herbs and what are the pros and cons of each.