GAPS Diet Coaching Services

Certified GAPS Coach Services

If you decided to follow the GAPS Nutritional Protocol but you still need coaching and guidance on where or how to start, then I am here to help you to start your healing journey. 

As a Certified GAPS Coach I can assist with the following services:

  • Perform Complete GAPS Pantry/Refrigerator Sweep
  • Coach you with GAPS Cooking Techniques
  • GAPS Kitchen Supplies & Tools Checklist
  • GAPS Food Sourcing Guidelines
  • GAPS Pantry Staples & Restock Checklist
  • GAPS Food Prep & Batch Cooking strategies 
  • GAPS Household & Personal Products Guidelines

Understanding the GAPS Nutritional Protocol (1 hours / $60) An overview of the GAPS Nutritional Protocol. Who is it for? How to follow it? What to expect? And any other questions you might have that I can answer before you start the GAPS diet.  

Perform Complete GAPS Pantry/Refrigerator Sweep (1 to 2 hours / $60 per hour) Remove food products that are not allowed and replacing them with GAPS food products.

Grocery Shopping for GAPS Food Service (1 to 2 hours / $60 per hour) I will help you with GAPS-allowed food choices and that you prefer at the same time.   

GAPS Cooking Coaching Service  (1 to 2 hours / $60 per hour) Home cooking is an essential step in the GAPS diet so I will help you with cooking meat stock, how to ferment dairy (ex., kefir or yogurt) or fermenting vegetables (ex., sauerkraut)  Also I will teach you how to batch cook that way you will enjoy your meals for several days without preparing and cooking.   

GAPS Household & Personal Products Guidelines  (1 to 2 hours / $60 per hour) In this coaching service, I will help you to replace all chemical-laden materials and products in the home with non-toxic alternatives to reduce the overall toxic burden on the body. This is another important step to practice in order to maximize recovery and repair while on the GAPS Nutritional Protocol. 

General Consultation about GAPS Nutritional Protocol  ($60 per hour) This is a general consultation which can be a follow-up session for GAPS diet-related questions you might have. 

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