The Best Non Toxic Cookware - Don't Skip this Step

The Best non toxic Cookware for a healthier lifestyle

Cooking from scratch at home is wise but using the best non toxic cookware is essential too. It is a great and noble habit to be cooking from scratch at home so you enjoy eating nourishing food however using pots and pans coated with toxic chemicals kind of defeats the point of eating and living a healthy lifestyle.

We are fortunate to have access to some of the best non toxic cookware if search carefully for them because they contribute to a healthier lifestyle and after all, you don’t want so to speak taking one step forward and then two steps backward by cooking the best quality of food to heal whatever gut disease you might have and then using pans and pots that produce man-made toxins.  

Here is the Best Non Toxic Cookware

non toxic cast iron cookware

Your first choice is to use the time-tested cast iron cookware such as a skillet, cast-iron Dutch oven, and other cooking pans. They can last for several generations if you care for them properly. Here are features why I consider cast-iron is one of the best non toxic cookware available for us to use in the kitchen:

  • it can last for a lifetime as long as you do a minimum care
  • It conducts and retains heat very well
  • High-end restaurant chefs use them as a multitask tool for sautéing, frying, searing, and baking.
  • Tough enough to join you in a camping cooking adventure.   

And last but not least, if you are looking for...

Non Toxic Non Stick Cookware

Then well seasoned cast-iron skillet is the answer for non toxic non stick cookware. Most iron-cast skillets come seasoned and ready for you to cook with. By the way, seasoning a cast iron is a simple process where you coat the cooking surface with some type of animal fat such as lard or tallow (I don’t prefer using seed oil for seasoning and I would suggest the same for you). Your cast iron skillet becomes  wonderfully easy to cook with and sticky food in most cases won’t be an issue.

What Fat is Best for Seasoning Cast Iron?

What Fat is Best for Seasoning Cast Iron? ghee, tallow, lard, or duck fat

What if you want to season your own cast-iron skillet, then what fat is best for seasoning cast iron (notice I said fat and not oil) here is how I do it:

Oven Seasoning

-I use tallow fat but you can lard, ghee, bacon grease,  rendered chicken fat, duck or goose fat, chicken fat, both tallow, and lard have high smoking points.

-I melt a small amount of tallow fat (1 tablespoon) and I use a clean non-chlorinated cloth (preferably organic cotton) and soak it with the gently melted fat.

-Then I rub the surface of the cast iron skillet making sure everything is fat coated

-I set the oven on with temperature of 425 - 450 degrees Fahrenheit (215-230 Celsius) for 45-60 minutes. Let it cool off completely and you are set for having a non toxic non stick cookware to cook with. 

You do this oven seasoning once every 5 to 6 months but it really depends on the usage frequency and other factors such as cleaning and scrubbing.