Examples of Healthy Lifestyle Practices You Should Know About

Examples of Healthy Lifestyle Practices You Should Know About

If you are considering a healthier way of life then I would like to share with you three examples of healthy lifestyle practices that will help you to address health issues you probably dealing with but not sure what is your next step.

If you suffer from a chronic disease and you have tried one or more strategies but have not been successful then reconsider your strategies. You need to think and assess your eating habits and what are you consuming on daily basis.

The type of food you eat will impact your body with chronic diseases or having robust and vibrant health. So our first focus is on...  

Diet is one of the Examples of Healthy Lifestyle Practices

Healthy lifestyle Healthy diet

If you suffer from allergies, food intolerance, skin rash, asthma, autoimmunity, or gastrointestinal disorders then very likely you need to assess your diet. Because your food is either nourishing you or destroying your health!

  • Are you following the S.A.D diet (Standard American Diet)?
  • How frequently do you eat from fast-food chains?
  • What kind of food do you eat, even if you get it from the grocery store?

There are many diets out there and it can be very confusing and overwhelming from where to start and how to decide which diet to use. 

The SAD diet consists of a big amount of carbohydrates, low fat, low salt, and mixed protein sources coming from lean or low-fat animal protein and plant-based protein. 

Does your diet look similar to the Standard American Diet or is it mixed of the best of both worlds (S.A.D and fast-food meals)? If that’s the case and you are suffering from a chronic disease then consider changing it because it is very likely caused by the type of food you eat. Here are guidelines for nutritious foods:

-Consume animal protein with animal fat, it is unhealthy to eat lean meat only.

-Grass-fed animal meat that is raised humanely is your best bet. It provides a healthier nutritional profile (especially the fatty acid profile) than animals raised in CAFOs ( Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation). 

-Many plant-based foods need to be prepared in a special way to make them less damaging to your gut health. Plants can’t run from whoever going to eat them but they are the best chemists where they make hundreds of phytochemicals to fend off all types of critters such as herbivore animals, insects, fungi, and of course humans.

-Consume some real condiments, in other words, fermented foods.

-Some of you might improve health by eating a more animal-based diet like the carnivore diet  (ex., northern European descent) and some of you might do better from a mixed diet of animal and plant foods. 

-Organ meats are nutrient-dense than meat muscles so include them once a week or so. Can’t tolerate the taste yet? Then your best second option is desiccated organs.

Nature is Another Example of Healthy Lifestyle Practices

list of healthy lifestyle practices- Nature activities

-Get sun exposure! If you only can tolerate 5 minutes then that's a good start and practice it every day if possible. Then gradually build up your tolerance for longer periods 10, 30, 60 minutes.

1-Rather than swimming in a chlorine-filled swimming pool go for the real thing, oceans lakes, and rivers.

2-Do grounding with bare feet on the ground like walking on a clean grassy area free of man-made chemicals (ex, pesticides) or walking in your small backyard if you have one.

3-Take a hike in the woods and in the city or state park.

4-If you are lucky and there is a nearby forest then you can do what’s called forest therapy or forest bathing. 

Spring Water Harvesting is one of the Least Known Examples of Healthy Lifestyle Practices

In the U.S. we are fortunate to find clean spring water. This water gushes from aquifers in the deep ground and is filtered naturally from different layers in the ground. This water can be stored for hundreds or even thousands of years and thanks to the pressure that pushes the water to the surface of the earth bringing you crystal clear water.