How Healthy is my Lifestyle? And What to Prioritize

It is a good idea to ask yourself regularly how healthy is my lifestyle in terms of physical health, emotional health, and mental health. There is one important thing you probably want to focus on first since it lays the foundation of a sound healthy lifestyle and it has to do with food. 

Yes, food that you eat is what your body is made of and actually, food is more intimate than anything else even more than sex. Food makes the building materials for everything else in your body to function just right. Therefore, asking yourself how healthy is my lifestyle is a great reflection to analyze. But first, we need to define...

What is a Healthy Lifestyle?

I must say this is not my expertise but I can share with you a few points that would explain what is a healthy lifestyle. After that, I would like to get into you why food should be the main focus. Not to say in any way the other aspects of healthy lifestyles are not important because they are. But don’t make it an uphill battle to make lifestyle changes. 

A healthy lifestyle encompasses many things that will make you physically, relationally, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Here are examples:

1-  How do you react to daily life events and manage your stress?

2- Do you make time to take a walk or hike out in nature?

3-Are you getting enough sun exposure or confined most of your day under fluorescent lights?

4- How is your financial health. Are you stressed out because of too much debt?

5-Relationship health with your family, friends, and colleagues.

6-Your diet, is it making you anxious, depressed, sick, in pain, or healthy and content?

In I focus on some and not all not because those others are not important it’s just not my area of expertise.

How Healthy is my Lifestyle - Chronic Diseases

How Healthy is my Lifestyle - Being free of chronic diseases

Any chronic disease will impact you physically, emotionally, and maybe mentally. For example, there are some of us who have more or so year-round allergies and headaches.

This can affect your mood, mental focus and stamina, and doing physical activities when headaches and allergies are on the medium to severe spectrum. And this type of chronic disorder is not as serious as other disorders such as gastrointestinal problems, autoimmunity, schizophrenia, bipolar, and depression. 

How do we get chronic diseases? The primary factor is food, which you consume every day and it will either affect you negatively or positively but there is no in-between. 

-Food can trigger Improvement or impairment in doing physical activities.

-Food can trigger an emotional response through hormones which are key players triggering our emotions such as, sad, happy, excited, hungry, satiated, energetic, tiredness, and angry, to name a few. Therefore, food plays a big role in stimulating the production of all types of hormones and neurotransmitters that can affect us in a healthy or unhealthy way.  

Food impacts your gut flora tremendously and your gut flora can be a source of nourishment or a source of toxins from the inside. So when you ask how healthy is my lifestyle then you need to dig into answering another question and that is how my diet is doing in terms of improving or worsening my lifestyle.

The healthy lifestyle choice - avoid toxic personal care products.

The other side of what is a healthy lifestyle has to do with removing toxins from your life such as household cleaning products, cosmetics, and other personal care products. 

Becoming mentally and physically disease-free is the best thing that can happen in anyone’s life which can promote a better and healthier lifestyle in relationships, spirituality, and contentment.