Astragalus for Immune System Enhancement -Plus Ashwagandha

Astragalus for immune system improvement

Astragalus for immune system enhancement and is one of the important herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine for its support for the immune system. This herb is available in many regions of the globe. Therefore, it is not hard to find and that includes North America. The usage of the Astragalus herb is common in Chinese medicine, and the astragalus root is the part of the plant is used for its immune system boosting property.

Benefits of Astragalus 

Here are some of the benefits of the herb astragalus:

  • improves the spleen and thymus and these two organs are important components of the immune system
  • Contains antibacterial properties
  • Enhances and stimulates the immune system 
  • Restorative tonic to the body
  • Immune system modulator

Astragalus for Immune System Used in Food

Used in food

Astragalus has been used in food preparation for hundreds of years in China and possibly other cultures and still is. As an example, astragalus can be used in rice and soup preparation. You can include the sliced roots of astragalus at the beginning of making soup, and after you cook it, you can discard the roots before consuming the soup. 

Adverse/side effects:

Considered to be very safe not only for short periods but long periods too. I use astragalus for sometimes 3 to 5 months with taking only a maintenance dosage and sometimes for a week or so with a higher dosage if I was going through a high level of physical and mental stress.

One Exception! According to Stephen Buhner, a herb master and an author of more than 12 books does not recommend taking astragalus if someone has Lyme disease in late-stage condition because astragalus’ immune stimulus property can make the autoimmune condition worse. 

Ashwagandha Herb Health Benefits

Ashwagandha Herb Health Benefits

Ashwagandha herb (aka Indian Ginseng) is also one of the best herbs for the immune system that I use, but ashwagandha has another benefit that I have experienced and many people as well, and that is a relaxing herb. 

The herb has a relaxing property and can induce sleepiness that can be very helpful for people suffering from occasional insomnia. I usually like to take it right before dinner then I can feel the relaxation effect within 45-60 minutes. 

During the weekends, I sometimes take it before having a midday nap, and the great thing is I don’t feel drowsy or sluggish after my nap. Maybe because of its mild effect on me but I like its usefulness for enhancing my immune system and providing a relaxation effect. 

History of Ashwagandha Usage

The authors of herbal books I have read all agree that the herb is native to India, and it has been used for at least three thousand years. And after time, the herb usage spread through other dry and warm climate regions such as the Mediterranean and the northern part of Africa.

Herb Parts have Different Effects

Master herbalists use different parts of Ashwagandha herb, leaf, stem, seed, root, and the fruit part too. Each part of the herb has a different action or effect and sometimes their effects overlap. For our purpose is to boost the immune system. Therefore, the root and fruit parts seem to have this property.

Side Effects

Some authors warn from using a high amount of ashwagandha during pregnancy since it may cause miscarriage or spontaneous abortion. May cause drowsiness so during your first use, take it after dinner at home and see how your body reacts to it. (4)

The Numerous Benefits of Ashwagandha

Although I use ashwagandha for boosting my immune system primarily and sleeping improvement as a bonus, however, the herb has numerous benefits so I will mention a few here: 

-Ashwagandha has an antibacterial effect that helps the immune system in fighting off harmful bacteria. And trust me on that, your immune system will appreciate any assistance you can provide. 

-The herb has an anti-stress benefit, and that is very helpful for boosting the immune system functionality. Never underestimate stress and its health-damaging effect on your body. (5)

-Ashwagandha is considered an immunomodulant which means it can suppress the immune system when it is excessively active and can raise the immune system action when it is weakened.

Summary of Ashwagandha and Astragalus for Immune System Benefits 

I have been these herbs for many years now and had no negative but all positive outcomes. And I hope you will have the same effects to boost your immune system. However, you have the final call whether astragalus and ashwagandha are working for you as they have worked for many other people. If you decide to give it a try then follow the suggested use/dosage on the bottle and become an observant and see how you feel, listen to your body! 


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