I Have No Immune System...Or It Feels Like That

“If I did have No Immune System, I would be dead very soon.”  So would you--if you think you have no immunity. However, I understand when we say this phrase it probably means that we get sick and tired of becoming sick all the time--or, at least, it feels like it. So what are the usual signs of feeling like I have No Immune System?

-Having the flu, colds, congestion, nasal congestion every year, more frequently, and the recovery duration takes from one week to two weeks, or even longer.

-Autoimmunity is another sign of feeling no immune function. But if you think about it, the immune response is being imbalanced or is abnormal by attacking your tissues.  It does this by mistakes or by being overwhelmed, and thus it is underactive to deal with pathogenic microbes. 

Why it Feels Like You Have No Immunity

Many people have been suffering from all types of diseases and sicknesses from a very young age, and this likely goes back even before you were born while you were in the womb.  If the mom (and dad, too) has less than optimal health and, of course, imbalanced immune systems, then you will inherit that too--unfortunately.  And maybe your parents inherited that from their parents as well.  It is not as much genetic, but lifestyle habits that have significant adverse effects such as:

  1. Overuse of antibiotics
  2. Too many vaccinations
  3. Poor diet
  4. Cesarean Section Birth
  5. Bottle feeding vs. breast milk
  6. Contraceptive pills
  7. Frequent use of various medications

You see all these unhealthy habits have a profound impact on a community of living organisms that your Immune System greatly depends on, and that's your gut flora. The gut flora or microbiome where trillions of microbes and their genetic makeup that lives inside the body (especially the digestive system), and on you (the skin and mucous membrane). 

Most of them are your good friends, and essentially you need them to stay alive and live a healthy life. Some of these microbes are not your friends, and if they get a chance they will do a lot of damage to the body.  But thanks to the friendly or beneficial microbes who control the bad ones and redirect those bad microbes to produce tasks for your health. 

But when we change our lifestyle habits from good to bad--  like some of the above reasons I mentioned, then we start to eliminate these beneficial microbes.  That allows the bad ones to thrive and have control in your body and, at the same time are damaging your digestive system causing leaky gut and other gastrointestinal disorders and all sorts of autoimmune diseases. 

As the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates said more than 20 centuries ago that “All Disease Begins In The Gut.”  And he was right as we keep discovering that the gut is considered about 80 to 85 percent of the Immune System, and without a healthy gut there is an unhealthy and imbalanced immunity leading to all types of diseases. 

Take a Second and Closer Look

If you are one of those individuals who is experiencing frequent sicknesses during a short period or having some autoimmune disease, then you should pause and start looking where things are going wrong in your life and significantly affecting your health.  And begin to fix these health-damaging habits by getting rid of them and replacing them with healthy habits.  I talk about insight into different factors, but I will briefly highlight them.  And you can do a further search to dig deeper until you find a solution because there is one for you; however, it takes some time and commitment. 

River of Toxicity

  • Is your body full of toxicity from junk food and highly-processed foods?
  • Is your skin swimming in a river of chemicals from cosmetic products making your Immune System work overtime and causing all types of allergies and reactions?
  • Do you have a digestive disorder, abnormal gut flora, or gut dysbiosis, and are you suffering from it even though you think you have improved your food quality?
  • Is there mold in your house or even in your workplace?
  • Are you allergic to household cleaning products that contain toxic chemicals where your immune function is being impacted?

Do you have a tendency to take pharmaceutical drugs like eating candy? 

There are more factors (smoking, abuse of alcohol), but these six factors will negatively influence your immunity and your health in general.  And for people who are suffering from allergies since their childhood, this impact will even be worse.  So if you have any of these habits, you should work on eliminating them whenever possible and replace them with healthier habits.

Feed Your Army Well

The army is your immune cells, and you need to feed them well.  Otherwise, they can’t do their jobs effectively--so give them what they need.  And I will talk about this on the immune-boosting foods webpage. The cells of your immunity need a good quality of fats (animal and plants).  Animal protein is crucial, and minimally processed carbohydrates (ex., veggies and fruits), and no refined carbs.

The S Factors

That means your sleep pattern and stress level should be managed to your advantage.  You must have both--enough sleep and restful sleep so when you wake up you are ready for the day.  And your immune cells are available to provide your body with all the defense it can get.  Stress should be managed so it can be kept under control, or it will eat you from the inside and cause you depression or other mental disorders immensely affecting your immune function. 

Final Words

Feeling like having no Immune System is no fun, and I felt like that many years ago.  However, I started to invest in my health by self-education, and by trial and error until I resolved my health problems like allergies and recurring illnesses of flu, colds, and congestions.  I honestly think you can do the same thing by following your pace and being methodical about it.