Leaky Gut Syndrome and Remedies

What is Leaky Gut?

Leaky gut has to do more with the intestinal wall than other parts of the gut wall, but they all can be negatively affected by inflammation or other health disorders. The gut wall, if you think about it, it starts from the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine (duodenum, jejunum, and ileum), then the large intestine and also known as the colon. 

The leaky gut is a damaged intestinal wall that includes the protective layer of beneficial bacterial (or microbial layer) therefore pathogens take advantage of this weak link and penetrate the tissues of the intestinal wall. 

These beneficial bacteria nourish the intestinal cells; villi and enterocytes and physically protect them as well as a layer coating the whole surface. By the way, the villi and enterocytes play a significant role in supporting the immune system when they are healthy by taking up and processing antigens (1). Another role that healthy enterocyte cells play a critical role in balancing the immune function response regarding keeping a balance between inflammation and tolerance to ingested nutrients from food (2).

When these beneficial bacteria (also known as the gut flora) become reduced in number, the opportunistic microbes will take advantage and become the most dominant. Then you have a shift of power causing your intestinal wall to become porous where undigested food particles, toxins, and pathogenic microbes will have easier access to enter the bloodstream, and things will start to go downhill with your health.

What is a Leaky Gut Syndrome and Symptoms?

A leaky gut syndrome is a medical diagnosis that has to do with an abnormal permeability of the intestinal lining. Meaning that the lining of your intestine wall is not appropriately sealed where it allows usually digested food to be absorbed only. Therefore, when for example, large molecules of proteins, sneaky pathogens, and toxins penetrate the intestine to the bloodstream, then the immune system will react to these unwanted and foreign invaders.

The reaction of your immune system to these unwelcomed substances will create symptoms that you will unpleasantly feel. There are so many symptoms of Leaky Gut Syndrome ranging from mild such as headaches, bloating, and other stomach aches to more serious ones such as pain in joints from inflammation. But two major symptoms are:

  • Food intolerance (ex., milk, peanuts, gluten) and environmental allergies (such as pollen and animal dander, etc.)
  • Autoimmune disease that eventually can cause arthritis, diabetes-1, chronic fatigue, and many other diseases. 

Causes of Leaky Gut Syndrome? 

Well, it can be a long list but let me share with you some of the primary causes:

  1. Junk and Highly Processed Foods. 
  2. Rancid cooking vegetable oils
  3. Canned foods 
  4. Frozen T.V. dinner box (then making this food even worse by heating it using the microwave).
  5. Candies, sodas, potato chips, etc. 
  6. Most Breakfast Cereals 

And the list goes on. We don’t have any shortage of these foods. 

  • Chlorinated and fluoridated Water: Tap water that you get from your local city or county is not only treated with chlorine and fluoride but who knows what factory chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs will find their way to our surface water and wastewater eventually into our tap water or should I call “tap liquid”. 
  • Pharmaceutical Drugs (ex., antibiotics, birth-control pills, vaccination, over-the-counter medicines)
  • Toxic Chemicals: that can range from house cleaning detergents, makeups, deodorants, colognes, furniture, and other environmental toxic chemicals.  
  • Chronic Stress: whether it is short-term or long-term the effect will take place, however, the long-term or chronic stress is the one you want to manage and put it under control. Take a new look at life, forgive, and even forget the little annoying things. Be content with what you have and be reasonable of how much more you want and work hard for it but don’t overdo it where you end up miserable again.  

Remedies for Leaky Gut Syndrome

The food I talk about on my website not only boosts your immune system but many of them have healing results with your leaky gut disorder. Whole foods and prepared the right way should be your base. 

Foods such as:

  • Meat stock 
  • Bone broth 
  • Raw cream 
  • Pastured eggs, 
  • And not to forget various fermented foods and beverages.

However, the leaky gut syndrome can range from mild to severe conditions, and have a qualified gastroenterologist to supervise you through your healing journey is important. The challenge is finding one who believes in whole foods and natural supplements as an effective choice for treating your leaky gut disorder and not relying only on medications. So do your homework diligently. 

Besides cleaning up your diet, you need to minimize or even better to eliminate harsh chemicals that you use in your house and on yourself as well. There are many companies these days that sell organic or natural cleaning detergents which are not toxic. The same thing goes for personal hygiene products. Your skin is your biggest organ and can absorb toxic chemicals in a matter of minutes so think again before you apply colorful makeups on your skin or spray that cologne on your skin. 

Wrap Up

Leaky gut syndrome and immune system health have a direct relation regarding affecting each other. Having a leaky gut disorder will compromise your immune system since 80% to 85% of your immunity function comes from your gut, that’s huge folks, so use these leaky gut syndrome remedies one step at a time and even better with your qualified health practitioner. However, you do most if not all these remedies and observe how your body feels and reacts and make changes as necessary. That would one of the best investments you can do for your for yourself.