Immune System Supplements

Many immune system supplements on the market can be overwhelming to wrap your head around them regarding which one is beneficial to strengthen the immune function and make it healthier. Although that using supplements can be individualized since what will work for me might not work for you as effectively. 

So you need to decide for yourself if you need supplements to help you become healthy, and that will be based on trying and observing if any particular supplement is transforming your health for the better.

Here are my favorite choices of immune system supplements:     

I like to use Spirulina and other saltwater plants primarily helping my body to detoxify and offer nutrients to nourish the body. I discuss seaweeds and the benefits of spirulina for the immune system in a separate article. 

My next supplement of choice is Elderberry in helping the body by fending off pathogens. You can read more info about the health benefits of elderberry for treating and preventing cold and flu.

Although I like to consume my vitamins by eating natural whole foods sometimes, it's hard to obtain vitamins, macro, and micro minerals knowing that we grow our crops in soils that are depleted of many essential nutrients our bodies desperately need or at best the soils very inferior in quality.

Therefore, I like to use supplements of vitamins. And I discuss what best vitamins for the immune system to take, like, Vitamin A, D, and C. 

Another kind of supplement I like to use for myself and my family and you can read about it here is taking probiotics for improving your health especially after taking medications such as antibiotics, steroids, and a visit to the dentist.

Beta-glucan is another supplement I have researched, and I use this supplement as part of consuming a mushroom tincture. There are interesting studies about the benefit of beta-glucan as an immune modulator. I write about it here as a useful supplement. 

I sometimes take antioxidants as an immune-enhancing supplement and in particular of high-stress time that I think is a good idea from what I have read and researched. Antioxidants can overlap with vitamins and minerals (trace and macro minerals) however there are vitamins and minerals to be more antioxidants than others. And I talk about the most useful antioxidants to take advantage of right here. 

Selenium is an important trace mineral, and the body needs a tiny amount of it as opposed to a macromineral such as calcium. Selenium is known for improving thyroid and immune system conditions. but supplementing with selenium is a tricky thing to do when using this mineral for a long period as an isolated nutrient that can create health issues. I write more about selenium and its effect on the immune system here.     

Last but not least, using herbs as an immune system supplement can be critical to complement your diet since many times eating immune-boosting foods would not be enough, unfortunately. I have written extensively about herbal remedies for low immunity that includes the potent herb echinacea if it is used correctly.