Delicious and Effective Immune System Drinks

It is not only you can enjoy consuming solid food to enhance your immunity, but you can also benefit from immune-system drinks that are tasty and useful as immune-boosting foods. And these drinks are easy to prepare although some drinks need more preparation they are worth the invested time, no doubt. Here are some of the drinks I like to have for myself and my family to boost our immunity functions:

Colostrum: the king of the immune system drinks

I have talked about how colostrum for the immune system can be very beneficial previously throughout the website. It is one of the best drinks “on the go” if you don’t have the time or in a hurry. There are many ways that you can mix colostrum with milk (preferably raw grass-fed milk) by keeping it simple. Or making it more interesting by adding tropical fruits (ex., banana or mango), berries, coconut, or peanut butter depending on your taste preference that will make this drink powerful for your immunity.

Grass-fed Raw Milk...The White Blood Drink

Raw milk fuels your immunity with so many nutrients that make it a good drink for immune function and has been used for thousands of years in many regions of the world. I talk more in-depth about the benefits of raw milk for boosting the immune system where I mention some of the many benefits of raw milk and where to get it legally since sadly it is illegal to drink raw milk in some states.   

Herbal Teas for Improving the Immunity

  • Boneset Tea
  • Peppermint Tea
  • Yarrow Tea
  • Ginger Root -- An Immune System Drink Booster
  • Astragalus Tea

Green Juice: Juicing Vegetables and Fruits

Juicing is another effective immune system drink where it works in detoxifying the body, therefore, helps your immunity as juicing protocol gives your immunity an extra so to speak.

Whey Protein

Whey protein concentrate (and not isolate) that is made correctly so the fragile proteins are not damaged during the process can enhance the immunity function. I talk more about how Whey Protein Improves the Immune System in more detail.

Benefits of Water and the Immune System. We all know how water is vital to our survival. However, at the same time, tap water can be damaging to our gut flora when it is full of man-made chemicals thus affecting the immune system significantly. I talk more about water and the immune system and what choices you might have to choose from to avoid harming your health.