How to Heal the Gut Flora - Here Are the Steps

In order to heal your digestive tract, you need to know how to heal the gut flora or more correctly how to bring back the balance of the gut microbiota. I am assuming you have tried things to heal whatever digestive disorder you have but either isn’t working or just a temporary solution by silencing the symptoms with medications.

So here is the roadmap:

Get rid of dysbiosis by balancing your gut flora this will lead to healing and sealing your leaky gut. That will also normalize immune system reactions and it can calm down too.

Other digestive disorders will start to heal and that can take from a few weeks to a few years depending on the severity of the damaged gut flora and leaky gut. But things will improve once you know how to heal the gut flora as your focus should be. 

With Food is How to Heal the Gut Flora

Rebuild your gut wall at the same time rebalance your gut microbiome with selective foods that provide the building block materials at the same time the beneficial bacteria love these foods but pathogenic microbes do not so much.

Fiber is not it so let go of veggies and other starches for now and start consuming animal meat, organs, and equally important is animal fat.

As a GAPS Diet Coach, I recommend the GAPS Nutritional Protocol and that’s how to heal your gut flora.

However, if you want to try a different diet that is based primarily on animal-based food then give it a try but I have not tried any other diet than the GAPS diet program because it is complete, effective, and taught me (and thousands of other individuals) how to build the gut flora starting within a few weeks to see the difference. 

When you create a damaged gastrointestinal tract and dysbiosis one of the factors you want to learn about how to heal the gut flora is by eating the food that promotes healthy community in your gut and at the same time you need to refrain from eating carbohydrates that feed the overgrown pathogenic bacteria, yeast (Candida albicans), and other pathogens.

These opportunistic microbes all turned bad because they got out of control due to their numbers have increased and created an imbalanced community in your gut, because of too much consumption of sugar whether simple or complex carbohydrates. If you want to learn more about the diet and how to heal your gut flora visit What is the GAPS diet? and other related GAPS topics.

How to Heal the Gut Flora - The Effect of Antibiotics on the Gut

How to Heal Gut Flora - The Impact of Antibiotics on the Gut

So many people these days use antibiotics every day through the usage of medications and through the agri-food industry that is filled with antibiotics.

Taking antibiotics is almost like popping candies in their mouths, there are seconds thoughts and asking questions: do I really need this medication, can I use something milder like an herbal remedy, can I wait it out for a few days, what are the consequences if I take this broad-spectrum antibiotic, and so on.  The other part is the inappropriate prescribing by the medical field. 

Do antibiotics kill gut bacteria? Yes

The other factor that is helping in destroying the gut flora is eating conventional Agri-industrial food whether plants or animals meat.

As you know antibiotics are like bombs thrown from the sky and kill the good and maybe the bad? Yes, we all know that many bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics but usually, these are the bad ones and sadly the beneficial bacteria are not surviving these assaults.

Yeast is one of those opportunistic microbes that is not affected by antibiotics and of course other bacteria who are building who are building resistance to these antibiotics. 

Rebuilding gut bacteria after antibiotics

Therefore, the effect of antibiotics on the gut is devastating whether it is coming from pharmaceutical drugs or the steady flow of antibiotics coming from conventional industrial foods. This is not how to heal the gut flora and you need to be cautious when to use antibiotics and at the same time find resources of clean foods that are free of antibiotics, added hormones, and other chemicals the food industry uses in mass-produced foods.

Why gut health while taking antibiotics is so damaging for you? Let me provide you with an analogy to make it more concrete because even if you know how to heal gut flora with the right food it won’t matter that much, it’s like robbing Peter to pay Paul so to speak.

Here is the analogy, if you have ever watched a video clip as building demolition professionals who can demolish a whole building in a few hours that took months if not years to build.

The same thing goes for your healthy gut flora, you can learn how to heal gut flora and practicing it for weeks, months, and even years to restore your gut flora but then with a few antibiotic pills, you start damaging it in a matter of a few minutes. And imagine if you are on an antibiotic course for days if not weeks the damage is more impactful. 

Summary of How to Heal Your Gut Flora and Digestive Disorders

  1. Start changing your diet to animal-based foods.
  2. Cook and prepare your meals as much as possible at home.
  3. Make soups, meat and bone broths.
  4. At the beginning include a few plant foods and gradually increase the amount.
  5. Avoid the use antibiotic medications unless it is urgent and life-threating situation. 
  6. Buy only organic foods and even better find a local farm that does not use Antibiotics.